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The Full Story About

Creekside Meadows

There is nothing better in life than spending quality time with the ones you love.  We would be honored to be the setting for some of your greatest memories.  Our love has been put into every aspect of these buildings and the property that surrounds them and we hope that you come to love it just as much as we do!



To provide a beautiful indoor and outdoor space where our guests can connect with each other and nature.  


The vision for Creekside Meadows was based off of the location where Chance and I wed.  That property was about 2 acres on the Blackfoot River with 2 Airbnbs.  Our family and friends were able to stay the weekend and we all enjoyed what can only be described as a magical occasion.  Staying at the place we were getting married allowed us to feel much more relaxed and we loved the casual atmosphere and the closeness we felt to our guests.  Our vision for Creekside Meadows is that you feel the same peace, whether it is during an event, or you're enjoying a stay at one of our vacation rentals.

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